Our approach

Our approach consists of three main steps: diagnose, co-create and accelerate.

Diagnose – assessing technology and business goal

We analyse the situation and work together with you to provide insights into the technology potential at hand and business opportunities.

Co-Create – developing value-based innovative combinations

We combine a board network, with a board business and technology understanding of product and/or technology specifics. Working side by side we create the conditions to develop innovative product-market and market-product combinations. Open innovation and partnerships are crucial.

Accelerate – facilitating successful execution

We translate de joint strategies into action. Together, we accelerate the implementation of business development strategies to significantly reduce time to market and maximize the commercialization process and impact on business value.

Our values

Results-oriented & Entrepreneurial

We believe in results. We bring entrepreneurial spirit to our partnerships. We show ownership and accountability in the way we work, We push the collaboration to achieve maximum and measurable results.

Sustainable growth

We believe growth should be both sustainable with a long term perspective. We believe in new products for customers, based on totally new technologies and businessmodels.

Think global, act local

To serve our clients best, we combine global perspective with local specifics to ensure successful implementation and tailored execution.