In Two Days: evaluate new technologies and develop business plans together with experts of ongoing European research projects, which have a size of 100 million. Maastricht Conclave 2017 presents, discusses, and develops new business opportunities.

  • Maastricht Conclave 2017, builds business cases.
  • Maastricht Conclave 2017, is an inspiring meeting place for entrepreneurs, captains of industry, managers, scientists, start-ups in technology, government representatives, investors…
  • Maastricht Conclave 2017, looks across borders: of businesses, technologies, financing bodies, countries etc.
  • Maastricht Conclave 2017, provides access to regional and industrial ecosystem of Dutch, Belgian and German companies.
  • Maastricht Conclave 2017, thinks positive, proposes solutions, offers room for innovative and creative ideas and initiatives.

The European Union has invested more than 100 million in projects that aim to produce products, based on innovative technologies, in pilot scale plants. Nanotechnology plays a key role in many of those projects. This offers a treasure of new possibilities. The challenge is to make this opportunities known and to transform the results of those technologies into business propositions.

Maastricht Conclave 2017, 10 th and 11 th May

The Maastricht Conclave takes place in the Euregion on the 10 th and 11 th May 2017. It is exactly 25 years ago that the Treaty of Maastricht was signed and that the Euro was established. The Maastricht Conclave is initiated by NanoHouse and the European Union.

Maastricht Conclave 2017 offers you opportunities. Be there! Schedule the 10 th and 11 th of May 2017 in your agenda!

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Expert meeting, business creation, technology exchange, Summit for business, education and government.