Market Communications , networking and idea scoping

NanoHouse informs you about opportunities, possibilities and the risks of nanotechnology. Through active and frequent communication with a broad group of organization NanoHouse understands the specific demands a well as the knowledge, skills and strengths of those organizations well. Combined with a data-analysis NanoHouse has the understanding of bringing at the right moment a number of organization together around a nanotechnology opportunity. Insides are offered from scientific and business people. This results in a project description or business proposition.

Project creation

After scoping the idea it will be developed, details will be discussed and actions will be defined. Actions are most likely taken into selecting and involving partners, tracing relevant financing opportunities, analyzing markets etc. NanoHouse has the experience to ‘tick all the relevant boxes’ andthe skills to involve partners with very different backgrounds and cultures in order to maximize results.

Project management

After all the partners involved and the subsidizing body (ies) have adopted the innovation, start the implementation phase. NanoHouse can fulfill two roles. On the one hand the role of the project manager or guardian of the project methodology to support the project manager. This is to monitor the progress of the project and keep the focus to keep on achieving the defined objectives and successful collaboration.

Dissemination and Business Development

After an innovation collaboration is successfully executed it is always an important fact that the results are communicated and used by other organizations and people. Closely in line with the mentioned communication services NanoHouse perfectly capable of communicating the acquired knowledge acquired to strengthen the business development.

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