Markets are changing rapidly. Innovation is taken place at a faster speed. Understanding and
adapting the business challenges and technology challenges is crucial to run a profitable
business activity.

Nanotechnology provides solutions for a wide range of business activities and societal challenges. It drives process and product innovation, and develops radical new business solutions.

To adapt the business and nanotechnology opportunities cooperation is crucial, where trust is created and knowledge is shared. Cooperation in nanotechnology is not obvious. There is a need for an independent and expert party that inspires, encourages, facilitates and organizes successful incubation and open innovation. NanoHouse provides those services. NanoHouse is an independent broker with a deep understanding of technology and the translation to business value. NanoHouse builds on the strength of her network and combines knowledge of process and content, across industries, companies and knowledge institutes.

NanoHouse builds on her network and offers services that assist in the initiation and management of open innovation with a long term perspective. We believe knowledge sharing and knowledge circulation to establish in new products for customers, based on totally new technologies and businessmodels.